Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blindly going where pretty much everyone has gone before

Think skinny thoughts for me people! I have a date! Tomorrow!

I'll let you digest that for a bit.

You back?

Okay. It's a blind date, but I have talked with him on the phone and already plan on belly crawling out of the restaurant if he turns out super weird. Thing is, and I've realized this for awhile, I really really like be single. I like having my own space.

I'm not looking for Mister Right, or Mister Right Now. I'm just getting out there and being social.

That is a good thing.

Now the real question: Do I let the guy pay for the first date? What is the correct etiquette?


sallyacious said...

My students and I talked about this in class one day. We decided that it's probably best to offer to help pay, but to do that right at the beginning of things. That way, everybody is clear on what's expected of whom.

But YAY!! A Date!!!

Maya said...

OHOHOH! That's awesome! I hope that he turns out to be a Nice Person (and maybe a good kisser? Or would that be to forward?) and yes, he TOTALLY pays for dinner. And dessert.

Order something delightful.

(and come tell us all about it)

The CEO said...

It all depends on how you and he feel about it. If you meet him and you don't want to continue from the very beginning, don't eat dinner with him. Seriously. Don't milk the guy for a meal.

If you like him, offer to split it. You're a single, independent woman. Act like a single, independent woman! It'll make you happy.