Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011: augh

The breakup is still relentlessly kicking my ass.

Luckily the universe decided to help me by distracting me to the point of insanity:

I was a maid of honor in an ex boyfriend's wedding (not this ex, a different one. who is gay).

My apartment was destroyed by smoke and water after the unit above mine had a fire. 6 units in all were destroyed.

A lady backed into my car.

Work is insane.

I'm surviving but heartbreak is an unbelievable bitch. I have a handle on it during the day, mostly, but the dreams I have to contend with leave me emotionally drained and crying by morning. I'd like to take a non-crying shower sometime soon in my new empty apartment but that is one milestone I have to keep hoping for as time passes.

I'm around, I'm heartbroken, I'm okay.