Monday, November 26, 2007

Quiet Monday

I did not make it out the other night. Had it been 1) Three hours earlier 2) didn't require an entire outfit in white which I did not own 3) wasn't a logistical nightmare (cabs are not so safe for a gal traveling alone in my city) or any combination of the above I so would have gone. Naturally that was probably my last chance ever to go out to a swank nightclub party and now I'll just wither and die alone but you know, whatever.

My wrist and forearm condition has been not nearly the trouble it was at my old job so being the FOOL that I am I tried to knit. I now have a scraggly three inch start to a scarf and I can hardly brush my hair much less type. It is not so much the pain; more the numbness. How do I know if I'm hitting the right keys if I can't feel them? Gah. I have a doc appt on Wednesday and I'll probaly have to go back to wearing my braces full time again. That is my excuse, albeit a very true and good one, for slacking on the comments and the posting.

Drink something for me tonight, I have to cut waaaaayyyyy back on the alcohol. Apparently a drink or five every night for two months equals ten new pounds. Hot.

Oh Bacardi, how I miss thee and your companion cranberry juice. *SIGH*

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Andy said...

Drinks or no drinks, I still say you look fantastic! Amazing, even!