Monday, November 5, 2007

Post date update

Well then.

Date over.

We have nothing in common. He thinks cars are living beings. He almost cried, twice. He spent the whole time talking about himself, how his brother was the loved wonder child, how he has so much compassion for other people that he often cries, how he volunteers yet doesn't want people to know because that makes him a "boy scout", then he went on about his years as a boy scout. It was by no means bad, he was perfectly nice, but lordy. Not for me. I sortof have a thing with grown adults who can only eat certain foods and get sick at the sight of raw tomatoes. He was sweet and he paid but we are not compatible. Not that it matters: I'm back in the dating game! And I'd like to leave it again now, thanks.

I looked damn good though. I still look damn good. I don't want to take my makeup off or put my hair up, I want to feel nice looking just a bit longer.

He's so nice, I hope he finds someone soon. And maybe learns to not cry on first dates.

Oh, and I offered to pay but he insisted. He should have let me at least chip in.


sallyacious said...

You know, were anything to happen to my husband, so that I (please, God, NO) were ever single again, I think I would just stay single. Simply because the mere thought of having to date again makes me queasy.

But you did it. Way to get back on that horse.

alyndabear said...

Well.. you went! You were hot! Got a free dinner. Sounds like it went well.

(I hate raw tomatoes too. Don't hate me.)

So@24 said...

I can't believe I missed the first two posts pre-date! AHH!

A few thoughts:

1. I definitely raised an eyebrow at the "almost crying" thing. There's nothing wrong with a sensitive guy, but there's definitely something wrong with TOO sensitive. It's just weird. Isn't that a rule? Never show all your cards on the first date?

2. How did you get set up on this?

3. Kudos for offering!

Anonymous said...

oooooh yeah. I'm all up for giving guys a second chance date, but I draw the line with him. No dinner is worth that!