Friday, November 9, 2007

I wonder if they have adult themes shops in Saudi Arabia and if so, why are they looking me up?

May I just say, the comments from the last post rocked? The references to the phone being a portal out of the Matrix and the fact that someone remembered one of the best TV shows ever (I love you Pete and Pete!) made my day.

I love you guys. If only I could have you all over for bacardi cranberries and we could pummel the horn honker in the wee hours of the morning together.

But back to my regularly scheduled post.

Yesterday I was running an errand and wound up in a quaint, beautiful neighborhood. The streets were lined with adorable houses built before architecture got ugly, trees in full fall lustre with leaves blowing in the wind, real small town America sidewalks and a calm purple sky falling into sunset.

It felt very much like New England, or as I imagine it to feel like as I've never been. I paused to take in the serene scene as this is not something I get to see in my city. As I rotated to take in the full expanse of the beauty I noticed the huge neon sign less than one block over illuminating the dusk with the words "ADULT SEX...", the rest being cut off by a house. I realized that one street over is the seedy district filled with porn houses and sex shops. While I stood watching the sign flash its message to the night a guy came wandering up the sidewalk cursing and mumbling to himself. Being the only other person on the street, and in light of the fact that he was very big and very tweaked out, I took this as my cue to get the hell out of there.

Ah city living, such a joy.

I post this, of course, in full knowledge that the hits I've been getting from Saudi Arabia for "Quick Fast Fuc*ing" and "Blowjo* whores" are now only going to increase but that is the risk one takes in having a blog. Although, with all the sites dedicated to such things how the hell is google routing these people to this blog? I think they need to re-evaluate their web site search optimization, or perhaps I need to swear less. Still. The first hits I ever get from the middle east and they aren't what one would hope for. Much like my city the web is a mish mash of society; all pretty blog on one corner and seedy sex shops on the next.


*maybe if I don't type out the whole thing the hits will stop.


sallyacious said...

I find the tone of this post offensive.

I'll have you know that MY Sex Shop is perfectly non-seedy and adorable, with Laura Ashley wallpaper and gingham-furnished jack-off booths. The dildoes and butt plugs are also tactfully displayed, each resting on its own hand-tatted doily.

So@24 said...

You're getting attacked from graffiti and porn shops. They're taking over, take cover.

PS. I love the shout out! That's when you know you've made it as a blogger!

Anonymous said...

Oh Sallyacious -- tell us more about your lovely sex shop. If that doesn't get Eris to cross the border into your state, then I don't know what will!