Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why must the sun shine on the other side of the globe now?

In the Northern Hemisphere it is dark. And by dark I mean DARK. At 4:30 pm. I don't handle this time of year so well in that, when it gets dark, my body says that it is late and I should be asleep. My body is then angry and confused when I explain no, there is this rotational thing with the earth and we need to go to the gym now. My body doesn't listen to me, which is disconcerting, because it is always demanding things like nacho cheese and pizza. Isn't my body supposed to be in tune with the earth? What with it being a biological substance and all? No? Well fine then.

It is 5:30 pm and I'm sitting in my pajamas drinking a glass of milk.

It is going to be a long winter.

I heard some lovely news about my old job, lovely in that the person who has my position now apparently swears really loud and punches things all day long and is *this* close to losing it. This is not good for the person who took my job but damn good for me as it is validation that I am not crazy, not hypersensitive and not deluded about how bad things really were. Looking back on some of my archives it feels like a horrid dream and I'm amazed I could work 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, be on call the other 12 hours a day and manage to make it as long as I did. My new job is so sweet that I'm counting my blessings hourly. I also noticed in my archives that my posts have been sorely lacking in frequency, or regularity. So. I'm going to do better on that. I'm not going all NaNoRamOBlamO on you or anything but I will be around more often.

Did you know I decided to start dating in sincerity again in JUNE? Yikes. It took me HOW LONG to get a date? Frightening. Here's to hoping that there is more where that one came from, I need to continue to meet new people, even if they are a bit touched in the head. Again, I can't judge a person's belief system but I can say that that person and I are not meant to be. Me? I don't believe that my car has feelings, but perhaps that is just because I fear a slippery slope. One day I'm treating my car to name bran gasoline and a wash and the next day I'm apologizing to my blender for not paying enough attention to it. Trouble people, trouble.


Contrary said...

My computer was terribly offended at your callous treatment of inanimate objects.

However, my toaster thinks you're right on and would like your phone number.

sallyacious said...

If it took you five months to get a date once you decided you were ready, I'd hate to see how long it takes you to buy a car.

You're picky. All teasing aside, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that as long as it's about getting what you actually want.

Maya said...

My computer once SAID (seriously, a VOICE came out of it)

"This is not my fault" in a very, very scary robot voice. Thankfully my sister was sitting right there and can verify that I wasn't hearing things. Ever since that time....I don't know. We have always named our vehicles in my family, with the exception of our current car. But good on ya for getting back on the...horse. So to speak.