Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm making you choose for me, but think fast, because I only have four hours to decide

Okay, do I want to try to drum up an outfit in white (which is impossible since I only own white dress shirts so would have to wear pants of some color) and get all dolled up to go out at midnight to a huge nightclub in downtown which will be a major logistical hassle to hang out with a group of people, only one on which I know, in a club that plays music so loud my ears will bleed but at least I am being freaking social;

Or, do I stay home, sip a cranberry bacardi and catch up on TV online thus proving once and for all that I am a hermit and not cut out for the fast life?

Which is it people?

Damn decisions.


alyndabear said...

Bacardi. Home. TV. Yep.

Contrary said...

Well, I'm obviously quite late with an opinion (sorry bout that!), but I always vote for staying home.

The CEO said...

So, what did you do?

Maya said...

Must i always be the voice of dissent? GO OUT! Wear your eyelashes and a whit button down shirt over a naughty bra and camisole! Wear earplugs and have fun!

Tell me you went out. Please!

So@24 said...

Don't ask me. Both sound like excellent ideas.