Saturday, November 17, 2007


Someone please explain the dynamics of going out to me. Not on a date, but just out for the night. I've been ready and dressed since 6:00, I even put damn false eyelashes on, and my friend won't get here anytime before 10:00. Is this normal? I get it being normal in a town that doesn't suck and has an actual nightlife but certainly not here. Now I'm wasting a perfectly good pair of eyelashes. DAMNIT. I am never getting dressed up again, every time I do it sucks. Now I probably get to spend another awkward evening trying to find seats in a bar only to come home and be sad because I look nice for naught.



sallyacious said...

I don't understand why people don't go out before 10 any more. I know I'm old and tired, but I'm trying to wind down for the night by then. And even when I was younger and a night owl, we still hit the bars and clubs by 8. What are people doing with their evenings that they don't get out before 10pm? They're wasting prime drinking time.

Anonymous said...

I'm with sallyacious. If I were you, I'd be nodding off on the couch by now, drooling off my lipstick and having sleep crust over my fake eyelashes until my eyes are glued shut, so when your friend does arrive, your startled awakening will rip those lashes from your lid & you'll have really effing long lower lashes.
I'm just saying.
Oh yes, HAVE FUN!

So@24 said...

The stereotype isn't always true... some girls can actually get ready relatively fast! Those are the best ones to go out with.

But I must say, this is evidence that reminds me I love having external genitalia

Maya said...

Sallyacious, I've got your answer: We are a) taking disco naps and b) eating dinner c) doing our makeup/hair/whatever. At least here, anyway, the good places don't even get *going* until 10.

Eris: I know you ROCKED those lashes. Isn't 6/7 happy hour time, not going-out time? I'm sorry, I'm such a displaced Euro, I should just move to Spain and give up. Super irritating about your friend not understanding that you *need* to get a move on and get your drink/dance on!