Monday, October 29, 2007

Art School or Jail, your choice

This weekend I noticed graffiti all over the outside of my apartment complex, the fence nearby, various cars parked on the street and pretty much any inanimate object that was unfortunate enough to be standing still. I'm convinced that had there been a napping cat or other living creature in a momentarily stationary stance they too are now covered in gang tags. I was annoyed but this happens sometimes. At least the graffiti wasn't accompanied by the normal stripped cars and piles of shattered glass.

I live in the kind of apartment building that you have to be 'buzzed' into. I like to exist in a pretend state where I imagine that none of the bad guys ever get into my complex. I still case my apartment every night, pepper spray in hand, but I don't think I'd sleep if I knew how easy it is to get into the building overall. This morning at 6 am I got into my elevator, humming a jaunty morning tune, healthy lunch in hand and smart outfit on, only to be greeted by some lovely tag art ALL OVER THE ELEVATOR.

Some jackass had drawn on the whole inside of MY ELEVATOR.


Isn't it enough that the whole neighborhood is covered in spray paint? Did someone really have to get into my building and tag the inside? Or better yet, does it really help that some tagging jackass lives in my building? Now I have an overwhelming urge to buy quadruple padlocks for my door and start carrying a gat, not just pepper spray.

That, or spray paint. Because I'd rather join them than be beat by them.


sallyacious said...

I vote for spray paint. Because then you can tag the tagger.

THAT's comedy.

Maria said...

That would piss me off too. It really irks my fuzz when grafitti is spelled wrong. The only exception is in my house, I found a scrawl on the wall that I haven't erased. At child height, in pencil, is "bicth". There is some part of me that loves some little dyslexic angry kid leaving his/her mark.
I have also heard of it being called "ghetto folk art", iffen you wanna church it up. I wish they could invent spray paint eraser - some magical, aerosol yet safe for the environment, instant, remover.

Andy said...

They'd end up in a jail that is more fun, more "free" than your job. Plus they'd get access to books and education (not that they'll use it) and all the free food they could want. Probably conjugal visits. Big-screen TV, internet access, free room and board... Actually it's not free - taxpayers like all of us would pay their way, all as a "thank you" for pathetically re-coloring an elevator, cat, car, building, and sleeping bum. What a world.

So@24 said...

"or a napping cat"

HAHAHAHA! You're hilarious.

And you don't already carry a gat? I totally took you for the type that would!

sallyacious said...

Um, hello?

If you now can blog from home, Why Aren't You? I expect hourly updates from you, Missy. None of this not posting for two days stuff.

You can't possibly have a life. I don't have a life. Having a life is overrated.