Monday, November 19, 2007

Where is Mr. Clean when you need him?

So tonight I get to spend the evening attemptin/pretending to clean my apartment (it is a bit hopeless right now) because I might have a guest coming to see me tomorrow. Just a wee bit stressed. There is no way to get this place in any kind of shape before I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow and work until 6:30. Ah well. At least this person won't call me to go out and then wait four hours to get ready.

So no big post tonight, I have a mop to hunt down. I don't even have Bacardi and cranberry juice to ease the ills of snazzing this place up. Do you think if I left the lights low he wouldn't notice the piles and piles of dirty clothes and dishes? No? Damnit.


Contrary said...

Dude, this is what closets are for. Just shove everything in the closet, wipe down the counters, run the vacuum and it always helps to answer the door naked.

(could be that's just me, though)

Beef said...

Why don’t you invite the obsessive compulsive vacuumer from upstairs for a visit?

She’ll help you out.

sallyacious said...

But I bet if you fed him enough Bacardi & cranberry juice he wouldn't care about the mess. Just meet him at the door with a big, ole glass.

Eris said...

I. Love. You. Guys. Is there an award for best commentors? Because I am nominating all of you.

Maya said...

And remember to put the dirty dishes in the oven (just don't forget about them and suggest heating something up!), new sheets, a little vase of $2.00 daisies in the bathroom/living room, and LOTS of Bacardi & Cran. Bust out with a stick or two of inscense, order a pizza/chinese/Andy's favorite and, grab a pre-bagged salad from Traders or the store and you are officially The Hostess with the Mostess.