Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It's like I never left

I'm not sure if what I had could be called a "Vacation."

Technically I was gone from work for a week. Technically I wasn't in the office, but, that didn't stop the barrage of phone calls and emails that I got. Or the three hour conference call I had to take on Sunday.

It also didn't help that my home town was on fucking FIRE and my parents were on standby evacuation. As it stands I personally know twenty families that lost their homes, I am just waiting to hear the final totals. I was so on edge for most of the trip that I couldn't relax the tension in my shoulders, they just ached.

The only real highlight was the glimses I got to catch of my blog. Thank you to my fabulous guest bloggers! They were brilliant, funny, and inventive. They went above and beyond the call of duty and everyone should go and visit each of their blogs personally to thank them. And read about them. Because it may be a little longer before I am able to get a real post out and we all know that they are way more talented anyway.

Take care people, don't be setting any fires for the next few days, okay?


Andy said...

In the end my family and I have found about 50 families we know that lost everything also. It was so close to so much more. All I wanted to do was come up and start helping but there was no way I could get there. My brother was using his truck to help people gather their belongings and evacuate. What a disaster.

I'm glad that your family is ok though. I figured that was where your vacation was and was a bit worried.

sallyacious said...

Actually, I had fun. Thanks for letting me invade here too.

When my husband was an IT person, the company called us on our HONEYMOON. And not even for something important. They called for something they could have fixed themselves if they'd thought about it for ten seconds before picking up the phone. It's one of the main reasons I'm thrilled he's no longer IT.

I'm sorry things weren't more restful. You needed a vacation, a break, not more crisis. Although I once spent five days with some crazy people (really, crazy) and it was kind of like visiting a foreign country where I barely spoke the language. Restful in a different kind of way.

Maya said...

I am still dying to hear about Saturdays' escapades. Or shenanigans. Every time I hear/d about the fires I thought of you.

alyndabear said...

Yikes, am sorry to hear about all the sad news that happened over your vacation. Not fun at all. :(

Your guest bloggers rocked, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your "vacation" stressed you out. I hope your family and friends fare as well as possible with the fires. I'm sorry.

Thanks for letting me guest blog. I heart you.