Friday, July 6, 2007

How bad would it look on my resume if I went from my current *very professional title* yet incredibly low paying job to being an administrative assistant (secretary) with better pay? What would this do to my professional career?

And does it even freaking matter anymore? I mean, I just yelled at one of my co-workers and basically told another one that they are an incompetant ass.

I should have stayed home today.


sallyacious said...

Does it matter about the title if you're in a better place earning more money? If you've got that experience on your resume, people will see that you can do the work, and you can always explain the change in a cover letter.

And if you've got the experience, you can also most likely move up into other areas. Personally, I like being a secretary. It's a job I can leave at work when the workday's done. Unlike teaching, which I carry around with me always.

Of course, this all depends on what you want your career to be. Do you want to be in IT? is that your ultimate goal? Or do you want something else?

However, it sounds like perhaps you should quit before you burn some bridges quite badly and irreparably.

Andy said...

Take it from me, a Jew, that more money is good. Take the money. Money money money. ...And bagels! You can never go wrong with bagels. So if it were up to me I would make lots of money and eat high calorie bagels all damn day!

It sounds like a better opportunity. You deserve the best and taking away any of your stressors will only contribute to your overall well-being.

...Or just go with MONEY!!!

Killer said...

Consider it diversifying your resume. You don't want to be nothing but IT.

Plus, it doesn't matter what your resume says if you can only afford to print them on the back of old McDonald's wrappers.

The CEO said...

Responsibility is what counts, and what you pay for. Responsibility is what brings profits to the bottom line.

In large companys, Admins to Exec. VPs get paid a huge amount, they actually run the company.

Maya said...

Money = good. Ready to kill incompetent idiots = bad. Job title = negligible.

sallyacious said...

Can I just say if you're going to be an Exec. Admin. that that is one of the most fun jobs ever. At least, my stint as Asst. to the CEO was a hoot. Lots of work. But then again, I got a company credit card to keep her in Pellegrino and also for planning the parties (and buying anniversary gifts for employees). I got to plan all her travel and sneak massages and facials into her week when time permitted. And they paid me lots to work part time.

It was awesome. May you have that kind of luck yourself.