Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Yesterday my "boss" thought it would be appropriate to bring her 13 year old son to work with her while we are being audited by two entities and have him hang out in my office half the day. The reason? "Oh,he has a dentist appointment mid morning", the definition of mid morning being 11:40 am. I'm sorry, when did the work place become your personal stomping grounds lady? Now, if this were a one time thing and she were a good, dependable worker it wouldn't be problem. But she is a liar. She loses paperwork. She never gets anything done. She has tried to take credit for my work and any other person's work as an excuse for why her work is never done. This is the second time in two weeks that she has brought one or more of her kids to work, the last time showing up two hours late because the CEO and VP weren't here with both teenaged kids in tow where she proceeded to take a two hour lunch and leave an hour early.

Needless to say my skull nearly exploded.

Do I work in a fucking paralell universe or is all business rife with this kind of bullshit?

Cross your fingers people. I know any different job I ever get will be just as full of crap as this one but I'd like to be making a livable wage to put up with it.



sallyacious said...

No, it's not like that everywhere. Certainly every group of people has something to put up with, but I know from personal experience that it is possible to find a group you can mesh with.

The CEO said...

Good luck. I never brought my kids to work. I don't have any.