Monday, July 9, 2007

Riddle me this:

Why is it that to get a job one must first have a job? And to interview for a new job you have to lie your way out of your current job? What are employers really thinking here?

They know I work a M-F, 9-5 job yet they want me to test, phone interview and in-person interview three times during the regular work week in order to be considered for the new job. What? Seriously? If I don’t have a current full time job when I apply then I am pretty much rejected immediately but if I do have a current full time job you expect me to lie to my employer and take ridiculous amounts of time off in order to run the retarded gauntlet of crap that you have deemed necessary to qualify for a job where my main responsibility would be FILING.

What are the potential new employers even thinking when they make me miss work more than three times to interview for their job? Doesn’t it in turn make me look bad to the potential new employers that I am leaving my current job in the lurch to interview ad nauseum for them? Is this a secret hidden test, like, don’t hire the one who actually shows up to all our stupid little tests because that means that she is ducking out of her current job?

I just don’t get it. They know I have a job. They even know that, on pain of death, I have told them to not contact said job EVER to let them know that I am looking elsewhere. If I were their employee would they want me to have three “doctor” appointments in one week? And “lock my keys in the car” the next? “Lose my cell phone, have a power outage, oversleep, break out in hives, rescue a kitten and have to fill many prescriptions” in less than a month? Interviewing for new jobs makes me the most unprofessional person on earth.

The system is ridiculous. I need a job to get a job:: I need time off from my first job to interview for new jobs:: I have to lie to my current job and put my employment in jeopardy in hopes of finding a new job:: I have to sneak around like a criminal to interview and apply for a new job yet I am supposed to be trustworthy and upstanding in order to be considered for a new job. How do people do this?

Batman, my brain hurts.


Maya said...

You have a kitten now?

Seriously - I'd moooove along. That sounds like your job, 2.0 - especially since you're being upfront with them about the fact you Have a Job - wth?

Andy said...

"I think you would make a great pirate, however... we're going to need to see your credentials. Yes, mmm hmmm, I see you've terrorized and pillaged 2 villages this month alone. That's great but we're going to need some references. What do you mean you don't have any? You killed them?! Well we can't hire you without speaking to some references so you're going to have to go out and do some more pillaging under yet another captain... this time NO mutiny... so that we may speak to him regarding your application for our ship. Thank you for coming."

I am having trouble finding work too. We (you and I) are very marketable, have skills and skillz (for gang work), and we have these personalities that apparently others like. We know "stuff" and people come to us for answers to often ridiculous questions. Why, then, are we in this 'fucked' situation? Why, why, why?!!!

And why isn't your car a transformer?

sallyacious said...

They have children and call in with a puking kid.

I don't know. I've never tried to get another job while working one job. I've often had a second job while working a first, but I've always had a stint of unemployement in-between. (Then again, for each of those in-betweens, I was either temping or going back to school for yet another degree.)

Huge amounts of luck to you in your search, however.

Eris said...

Maya: No kitten.

And it isn't just one job, it is EVERY job. It is like the system works this way or something. I genuinely don't understand.


Sallyacious: Keep your fingers crossed for no unemployment for me ever ever ever ever.

My point of the post is just exactly that, I don't know how people get a different job while they still have their current job. When the hell do they expect me to interview? Is there some corporate code that I don't know about?

The CEO said...

I came out of my doc program and had a bad time finding a job. After three years of employment, I started my own company. I worked for myself after that and never looked back. I retired once, and I'm restarting a new company in a completely different field.

Entrepreneurship works best.

So@24 said...

One of my other favorite career catch 22's is:

they always want you to have MORE experience before hiring you. but how do you get experience if no one will hire you without having any experience?

Killer said...

You have to quit your job and get a temporary job at Starbucks and then call in sick at that job to go apply for new jobs.