Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bacardi, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

How could one little needle hurt so much? Yikes! The flu shot I was administered yesterday has left me in a state of agony. I can't rotate my neck, my jaw aches and my arm is downright throbbing. It is ONE LITTLE NEEDLE. I could stab myself anywhere on my body with an ice pick and I doubt I could even come close to this pain. And never mind google, not only am I evil because I buy into the government inoculation conspiracy but I'm also THIS CLOSE to death; as apparently millions of people per year die within moments of receiving a flu shot.

The only thing that can kill this kind of pain?

Rum and Cranberry juice.

That's right.

In other news the tally for Halloween Costume suggestions is as follows:

Bartender (how does one dress for this?)
Secretary of State
Giant Cranberry
Alice in Wonderland (not slutty!)
Olympic Swimmer
Payroll Princess
Eris, Goddess of Discord (which, come now, I am this everyday)

The CEO has been all over this costume thing. You should go say hi, and tell him he should go as an Olympic swimmer for Halloween, as I imagine a person who suggests that is very toned, very tan, and does not live in a state where is snows.

Also, Anonymous has stopped by a bit, and I quite like them. Too bad they are anonymous. I think it may be a girl since last year they were the Payroll Princess, but you know what? That is a sexist assumption. So hello Anonymous! Have fun stealing candy from children this year!

You guys need to think more evil, Secretary of State not withstanding. Something witchy/warlocky/unholy undead-y.

Female grim reaper maybe? How would one dress for that?


Anonymous said...

OH let me see...Halloween costumes. This is one clear example of where my creativity stops up like a clogged potty. I usually don't dress up because I hate doing the standard costumes but I can't come up with something funny. That goes double for helping you out. I'm sorry!

chollyson said...

I stand by my giant cranberry suggestion.

What's scarier that a huge piece of fruit?

Andy said...

If you're going to be the Reaper you mustn't forget your grim reaping equipment.

Maria formerly anonymous said...

Its anonymous again, and Hello to you too. Yes, I am a girl who was the Payroll Princess.

Depending on your political views, if you wanted to be something really unholy, I suppose you could go as Dick Cheney.

One year, I got dressing up for work banned for the company because I did not like a co-worker of mine and word got out that I was going to come to work dressed like her. Granted she wore a different Billy Ray Cyrus t-shirt everyday (in 2004, no less) a mullet and purple eyeshadow right up to her eyebrows, so it wouldn't have exactly gone unnoticed. And imitation is NOT the most sincere form of flattery in some cases.

I think your costume choice should also depend on how much Bacardi/cran juice you plan on imbibing. Dressing as a hobo would work with massive consumption - no one would notice any stains. A full body hairy Chewbacca suit, not so much. Whatever you do decide to dress up as, please please please post a picture of the costume!!!

So@24 said...

A sexy baked potato! I'm telling you!