Sunday, October 14, 2007

Not Easy Like Sunday Morning

So, last night was FUN. And by fun I mean, of course, an extravaganza of crap.

Are your loved ones crazy? Hell bent on hurting each other and ruining their lives? Prone to calling you hysterical at 1 in the morning from a city two hours away and demanding that you come fix their (very real) problems? Have you even spent the wee hours of the morning alone contemplating calling the cops and or perhaps changing your phone number? Are your loved ones trying to kill you via means of slowly driving you mad? No? Then we have nothing to talk about. Moving on.

Due to the response I've received of late regarding my last few posts I feel I need to clarify some things: I was never a meth addict myself. In fact, I have never done an illegal drug in my life, including pot. Whereas the support I received for overcoming my addiction was very sweet and heart felt I feel I need to clarify. When I pointed out the parallels of my life with the girl I met up with for coffee I was referring to things like similar family backgrounds, having had the same surgery several times each and overall an aura of failure and doom that follows me, us, around like a sad little rain cloud.

To my recollection, according to a Rainbow Bright album I had once, if I sing "Paint a rainbow, inside of you, paint a rainbow, let the sun shine through! When it's cold and grey push the clouds away, paint a rainbow in your heart" then the little sad cloud should go away. I must not be doing it right. In between the friends that have passed and the friends who have become deathly ill over the last few years on top of my family self combusting in a brilliant and heart-breaking manner, my medical problems, subsequent debt and depression, I feel that Rainbow Bright is not entirely strong enough. I don't need to paint a rainbow. I need to fucking harness a rainbow and force it into a jar that I wear around my neck. I'll get right on that.

I need to take a shower now and then perhaps drag my comforter with my into my closet and hide for a bit. In theory hiding in my closet does sound nice, but in practice it isn't so much fun. I'll probably just take a nap seeing as how I technically got three hours sleep last night and have been up since the wee hours.

So, to be totally superficial and distract you from above: What on earth should I be for Halloween? I'm all tapped out on ideas and I need you to do my thinking. And no, I do not want to be Rainbow Bright.


The CEO said...

an Olympic swimmer

Eris said...

CEO: Um, no. It would be kinda cold in just a one piece and a swim cap. I applaud your creativity though.

Sallyacious said...

How about Eris, Goddess of Dischord?

Anonymous said...

Forget the costume. Just wear dark clothing and face paint and snatch candy laden bags outta the hands of the neighborhood child... nevermind, this is about what YOU should be, not my MY plans. What was your fave. costume when you were a kid? Can you duplicate it? Last year I was the Payroll Princess at work, complete with tiara and pink satin skirt. Oof. I like pink, but it was a little much even for me. Will you be wearing your costume/new identity to work? That could narrow the selection I would think.