Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Anyone out there know anything about reformatting a Dell Dimension 2400?


I can't find the right driver for the display. The fonts are blurry and weird looking. I also can't find the driver for the speakers in the monitor. That is not as bad as the display issue. I've tried Dell support and every google search on EARTH and after five hours I'm ready to cry/smash computer to bits.



Andy: Macs are pretty and all (look at the colors!) but I can't afford one and also no business on earth uses them. Which sucks. What also sucks? Spending five days formatting a computer that doesn't belong to you. Gah.

Sally: Thank you for the offer. I actually learned quite a bit reformatting the dell so now I think I'll be able to better handle my laptop. Read: Moving to cave in Siberia where computers don't exist.

Cholly: I actually reformatted the whole hard drive. And as it turns out I just need to have one freaking grain of confidence in myself because I did the whole thing right, I was just working with a non-native monitor and had to change the resolution. Sometimes I hate that I don't trust myself.

Hollowsquirrel: I laughed so hard I inhaled Bacardi and cranberry into my brain at your comment.

CEO: {{{love}}}}

So@24: Try some Bacardi and Cranberry. It totally helps.

Thank you for the input guys. I was without my own (now beloved) laptop for several days while I reformatted a PC for my family. As it turns out I am a computer GENIUS but have no confidence what so freaking ever and couldn't trust that I did it right. I would up showing it to the tech guys at work and both garnered respect and also may have shown some major vulnerability because after they looked at it they were like "what were you worried about?" and I was like "I have no faith in my abilities" and they were like "but you are so brilliant when it comes to Simpsons quotes" and then we all laughed and laughed.

Can I hide now?


Andy said...

You're going to hate me for saying this...

You should get a Mac. No display drivers necessary. No viruses. No stupid Windows issues. No crashes. Just happy little computing and pretty graphics. I might be biased...

sallyacious said...

I don't.

I DO, however, know about the IBM friends and family discount, so if you're ever in the market for a new laptop...

Good luck with your battle.

chollyson said...

Did you try restoring the computer to factory settings? You will lose anything you've saved or downloaded (music, photos) since you got the computer but it should (hopefully) work.

I can tell you how to do this if you need me to.

Anonymous said...

OMG Yes! I know how. Oh wait, I thought you said something about setting up a season pass on Tivo. My bad.

The CEO said...

Not a clue. Good luck, and make sure you have rum and cranberry juice available.


So@24 said...

I think I just went cross eyed.

The CEO said...

I know you're a genius, how come you don't know it? OK, one extra hug with some warmth, but you have to have a little more faith, and remember this.