Monday, October 8, 2007

Right now I feel like typing "Guava"


That last post, wow, you loved that one, didn't you. The whopping zero comments in garnered is astounding. Tap Tap, is this thing on? Yikes people. I hope you're all okay. Not that I'm writing anything for the sole purpose of comments, but still. It would be nice to know that someone was out there. Hell, it would be nice if someone were online to CHAT ever. I thought that getting the internet at home would connect me more with the world. It has, in fact, had quite the opposite affect.

Ah well.

Tomorrow I am supposed to meet up with the daughter of one of my bosses for coffee. It started out innocent enough; she is the same age as me and new to town. She is supposedly looking to meet people. Or so it goes. Until I find out more of the story. Even though we are the same age she has, er, issues. She disappears for days at a time with her parent's car and money and only shows up when she needs something. It got even better when I received a surly phone call from her at work. She sounded like one of the fifteen year old girls I worked with at the psychiatric hospital; angry, lost, and mean. She also sounded like the last thing on earth she wanted was to meet up for coffee with me. It doesn't have to be this hard, you're an adult sweetie, you don't have to meet up with me if you don't want to. I know I don't want to. Better yet I find out that the night before her parents lectured her that it was time to start hanging out with better people and they basically made her call me. Let me say, the hell?

IT IS COFFEE PEOPLE, why does it always turn out to be some weird mess? Now I'm hoping that she blows me off because I don't know what I would talk about with this girl and HELLO AWKWARD, she is the daughter of my BOSS. If I'm not a good influence on her is it going to affect her father's opinion of me? I know it is my fault since I walked right into it, but really? It was just supposed to be coffee. With a new girl in town the same age as me. Now I'm fearing that she might shive me if she does show up (believe me, I heard it in her voice, I've worked with people like this before).

What am I supposed to do? What would you do? I've googled "coffee with boss' delinquent full grown daughter" but I'm coming up with nothing. I like my boss, I just don't think that the daughter and I are going to get along. If she shows up. And the last thing I need is her hating me because she believes that I am in cahoots with her dad.


Andy said...

Bring pepper spray. Prepare to spray in her eyes if necessary. If that does nothing try it in your eyes. It's better than gouging because its not permanent.

...or slip her a "special" drink and dump on the side of a highway somewhere. Then tell your boss that she never showed.

That's what I would do.

alyndabear said...

Mmmm. Guava.

Just go with it, at least for a nice caffeinated beverage if nothing else.

If she's nuts, she's nuts. You don't have to see her again. And if she's NOT nuts, bonus!

chollyson said...

It seems shady that your boss would put in this situation. You're not being paid to bring his daughter back from whatever ugly place she's been.

I'm sorry, girl. I don't envy you.

So@24 said...

Unbelievable. Please please let us know how this coffee date turns out.

If anything, it makes for great blogging, right??

sallyacious said...

I suddenly find myself thanking my lucky stars I do not live in the place you live. The place I live is bad enough, what with the pseudo-religious freaks and all of the college town-related drama.