Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The unscheduled lapse in my internet connection has been indefinitely postponed so I'm back! Again! Even though I was hardly gone! Yay!

Like all two of you care.

I must relate the following: Two weeks ago I decided to pick myself up some libations so I settled on Vodka and Tonic, my preferred drink choice, and wandered into a grocery store. Once there I had a powerful craving for vitamin C so I decided to go with Vodka and Cranberry Juice instead. I grabbed the first clear bottle of alcohol that I recognized, some Ocean Spray, and was on my way. At home I found the drink to be surprisingly tasty, I thought "Hey, Vodka Cranberries are surprisingly good" and drank up the whole bottle in this fashion over the course of about ten days. This Monday roles around and I decide again, that since the drinks were so good, I'd grab myself some more vodka. I went to the same place, grabbed the same bottle of clear alcohol, and was on my way. It wasn't until last night that I bothered to notice the bottle: Bacardi. Not only am I a drunk but I'm also a stupid drunk, I've been drinking rum this whole time.

Can I just say, however, that clear bacardi and cranberry juice is quite tasty? You should try it sometime. I know I'm a convert.

Anyone figure out what I should be for Halloween yet?


sallyacious said...

I was PROPHETIC!! (See my comment on your previous post.)

If you don't like my earlier suggestion re: costume, I don't see how I can help. Mostly because I'm all ideaed out. But I'll keep trying.

alyndabear said...

I will try your concoction... yum. Sounds good.

As you know, my crazy country boycotts Halloween - so I think you should dress up as Alice in Wonderland. (Not the skank version, either.) I've always wanted to dress up as Alice in Wonderland.

Don't ask me why.

chollyson said...

You should totally be a cranberry! That would be down right hilarious.

The CEO said...

Damn, as #3, I guess I don't care at all. How going as a bartender. It's that or the Secretary of State.

Anonymous said...

you crack me up. i'll have to try the rum & cranberry juice in a couple of months, and I'll raise a toast to YOU!