Thursday, June 14, 2007

The universe?

It likes to fuck with me.

Note the pathetic post below where I mention that I am not doing so well and none of my old friends like me. I randomly got an email today from someone I really love(d) that I haven't heard from in over a year. Never mind that said person was IN MY CITY a year ago, which I knew about, for over a week and was too busy to even freaking meet up for coffee and never mind that even after fucked up situation I still tried to keep in touch yet they ignored me and never mind that every time before that when we hung out I put in all the effort/driving time and trouble to see them; hey, at least they emailed.

It is a miracle.

Now they want to know how I am and that they will be in a city 5 hours away in July during the work week and wouldn't it be wonderful it I could drive all that way to see them?

Shit people, forget part of the misery of below post, I now remember why I'm not in contact with these people anyway. They are bastards and assholes and inconsiderate fucks.

I much prefer my internet friends.

Have I said yet how much I missed you?

Because I really, really missed you.

And the one friend from below post is doing okay, it is hard, but she is okay.


alyndabear said...

Yes, we are grand. And even if I wanted to, I wouldn't make you drive over to see me because .. you would probably sink. :)

Eris said...

Alyndabear: Or get lost, because I have trouble as it is, imagine me trying to navigate a whole nother hemisphere.

chollyson said...

We missed you too!

And, yeah, the Universe fucking sucks balls.

Meg said...

Girl, stay in one place so I can find you. For the love.

Eris said...

Chollyson: Universe is just freaking HILARIOUS. I don't hear from someone in nearly a year, post about it, and then get an email from them. Now why doesn't this work with a JOB for the LOVE OF GOB.

Meg: Sorry bout that, been gone three months and in hiding. But I told you where I was! Now just don't reveal my seeecret identity.