Thursday, June 14, 2007

Blog Names

Blog names I wanted that were taken:

Nome de plume
Nope not me
Destination Unknown
Road to Nowhere
Leave me the hell alone stalker ex-boyfriend or I’ll call your boss and get a restraining order
Seriously not me
It isn’t me
Not who you think
Hiding behind anonymity

I tried a few others but I can’t remember what they were. Do you like the one I chose?


Sallyacious said...

WoooT! I missed you! Welcome home to the Internet!

How come everybody else knew about it before I did, huh? Why am I always picked last for team sports?

Maya said...

OMG OMG OMG is this you? Am I officially the happiest girl in the blogworld now? YEAAAAAH!

PS. How's the car?

Eris said...

Sallyacious: It appears that you checked your email late, but you certainly were not picked last for the team sport. Maybe if you weren't such a booze hound you would have gotten the info sooner, which is to say, lay off the bottle drunky! Buah hah haaaaaa

Maya: The car is okay, but it is my pocketbook that hurts.

sallyacious said...

Well exshcushe me fer livin'.

I'm gonna go cry in my beer.

alyndabear said...

I like the fifth one the best.. bastards that already took it need a good kick up the butt!

chollyson said...

Do I ever!