Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Just another manic Tuesday

My Day:

7am work
8am work
9am leave for memorial in city two hours away
10am drive
11am memorial
12pm memorial
12:11 pm lose it when I see a picture of myself and the passed smiling like idiots at the fifth grade picnic
12:30 pm give my condolences
12:45 pm start drive back to city I live in
1pm cry in car
2pm melt in 104 degree weather in black pant business suit because I don't have air conditioning in my car
2:30 pm get back to work
3pm work
4pm work
5pm work
6pm work
7pm work(probably)

But hey, at least work is being understanding. They'll let me make up the time I missed by working overtime. Fresh overtime. They won't let me pull from the hours and hours of accrued overtime I already have but they will let me work NEW overtime to make up for my five hour gap.

All that being said? I'm really, very glad that I got to go.

If there is anything after death I hope that he is enjoying it.


sallyacious said...

What a bunch of wads. If you've already got overtime/comptime, they should let you take from that. Honestly, it's not like you haven't done the work.

I'm glad you got to go too. Things like that memorial service are important.

Maya said...

Bastards! I say you walk. Pack your stuff, give your notice of moving, and GO. Anywhere. Glad you got to go, but sorry you HAD to. :(