Friday, June 22, 2007

Meet Your Guest Bloggers!

Three! Three people actually volunteered to do my dirty work while I am on vacation. That is approximately three more people than will even touch my actual job related work while I am gone, unless they all want to fly in and do that too, but I think the chore of guest blogging is more than enough.

Thank you!

As an element of surprise, or perhaps my lack of time to coordinate, you will have to check in daily to see when/if someone posted.

The participants are, in order of their volunteering but not possible posting:

An East coast cutie with an adorable son, a penchant for tree rodents, love of donuts and an understanding of my deep love for Desmond on lost; the enchanting miss Hollowsquirrel. I really hope this gig doesn't drive her web traffic down.

Talented actress, photographer, teacher, dedicated aunt and mother to a one eyed pirate cat who lives in picturesque rural Idaho (you should be visiting this site); the benevolent and lovely miss Sallyacious. What part of one eyed pirate cat does not intrigue you?

A prolific and honest Canadian blogger who has won actual blogging awards, rides the bus to work while drinking gallon sized coffees and celebrates Christmas approximately eight months out of the year (tree and all) the verbose miss Meg Fowler. Did I mention prolific? Seriously, prolifically prolific. I think she may write in her sleep just to keep us updated.

Exta points will be handed out for percieved drunkeness and f-word permutations.

I can't wait!


alyndabear said...

Hey! I missed that post... Damn Bloglines being all naughty.

I'll be ready for guest bloggers ahoy! (And I hate you for getting to go on vacation. Haaaaaaate. But then still think you're grand. Woo!)

sallyacious said...

You are a sweetie beyond all possible conception of sweetie-ness. What a lovely description. I got a little weepy. (It was probably the wine.)

Have a lovely, lovely, lovely vacation. You deserve it more than almost anyone I know.

chollyson said...

This is such a good idea! I can't wait to read the guest bloggers' posts.

Enjoy your much deserved vacation, monkeyfucker!