Sunday, December 9, 2007

I still can't find my ironing board

Where have I been for over two weeks? Where you ask? Trying to find the re-arranged contents of my apartment and try to fit my life into a cohesive mesh with my fab new surroundings. Two friends got together, stormed my house last weekend and this weekend, and transformed my boxes of school work dating to the eighties and my piles of unwearable size zero clothes into a real, fabulous, and totally adult dwelling. People: We painted stuff. They hung curtains. I have a wine rack. It is amazing in here.

Unfortunately for all its swank poshness I'm having a hard time adjusting to my "new" place. I feel like I'm in someone else's very nice home and can't mess it up. I don't know where to put my makeup on anymore, I'm tempted to eat meals out in the hall of my building and I'm reluctant to even decorate for the holiday season because I just don't want to sully the goodness up. That, and I can't find anything. One would think that in a 600 square foot space there wouldn't be too many places to look for, say, your iron and spray starch but you would be both wrong and surprised.

During phase one of the Apartment Redevelopment Project, as I have just now decided to call it, the cat 5 network cable for my internet connection was mysteriously ruined so I lost internet connectivity. Four days later when my cell phone charger made a reappearance I was able to get back in contact with people but it took still several days more until I was allowed to install another network cable. You see, I couldn't just reconnect my PC, I had to have approval on placement, lighting, aesthetics and possibly lunar cycles.

I cannot complain, however, as I am now living the life of a *real* adult with place mats and everything. I even had a small get together last night with real people who admired the theme and then noticed my ugly dishes. My dishes are of the variety that my parents got for free from the grocery store utilizing some kind of antiquated stamp system that one reads about in history books. Among other things including the dishes now I need a computer chair, several lamps, art for over my couch and wall spackle. I may look into saving up for such luxury items after I sway the decorating duo from painting my place. I think it is enough that my bed is jacked eight inches up higher than it used to be, causing my knees an angry and unwelcome adjustment period, but paint is where I draw the line. I like white walls. My lease is up in May.

I can only hope to keep it clean and attractive a bit longer before I break down and do laundry, or worse yet, make a concentrated effort to find the new living place for my socks, my knitting and my mouthwash. Until such a time I am gingerly sitting on the floor near my couch, but not on it, and marvelling at what it feels like to have one aspect of my life in place.

Now then, what have all of you been up to?


sallyacious said...

I've been grading.

And having an existential crisis that involves making my poor husband sit up with me at 2am while I weep uncontrollably about the passing of my acting career.

You know, just the usual stuff.

Maya said...

Ah yes the growing fun of redecorating! I will have you know that of all my dishes (which you would approve of, they are all white) my most favorite ones are a set of Mikasa that are "squoval" and were purchased, along wth a number of other items, at a yard sale. For twenty bucks. Or Ross sometimes has cute things as well.

What have i been doing? Ugh! I posted about it....painting.

So@24 said...

Im going to miss that horn.

sallyacious said...

I just want to point out that the rearrangement is no excuse for not posting regularly. The internet is like denim. It goes with everything.