Thursday, December 27, 2007

Post Party Wrap Up (And yes, I am the most paranoid dork ON EARTH)

I wish I could tell you that I made out with someone at my party, that people wound up naked in my pool and that I have blackmail pics to fund my retirement but no. Of the 25 invited guests eleven showed up. I think it is incredibly rude to RSVP for three additional guests and insist on bringing food only to cancel fifteen minutes into when the party is supposed to start but I guess I just must be old fashioned. Ah well.

We has some drinks, told some stories, and by 10ish people were already moving out. It lasted about three hours. I put lights on the tree and forced guests to decorate it for me. The tree looks fine, albeit horribly lopsided as after someone tried to "fix" it it started lilting to the left and fell over. I've secured it to the wall with nylons and picture screws.

I learned a few important things; I already knew that if you say six it means seven but now I know that even if someone totally RSVPs and absolutely gaurantees that they will be there this means nothing. I have learned that guest do no want veggies with dip, they want hot foods. I have learned that sodas look best if served in nice goblets, that real adults do not use plastic cups (damnit!) and that Oingo Boingo is more universal than I previously thought.

I'm still amazed at people. If they are asked to RSVP they won't. If they do they won't show and if they don't they will come with several friends and perhaps even small children. I just don't get it I guess.

Nothing got stolen. Nothing was broken. No one puked in my apartment. Overall? A success.

Now, if only I had gotten to randomly make out with someone. I guess there is always New Year's Eve.


sallyacious said...

ACTually, I would argue that real grownups do RSVP and are fine drinking out of plastic cups. Or maybe that's just actors. Party=Free Food, that's our motto.

Speaking of which, I've seen a couple of plays here in LONDON over the past few days, and some of the men on the stages here are luscious.

Andy said...

I seem to miss the good parties!

If you want an interesting evening for New Year's Eve you should come down here. There will be drinks. There will be lots and lots of drinks. Lots and lots. Of drinks.

Still though, what's with those trees? Cut it down to watch it die in the living room... I just don't get it.