Sunday, January 25, 2009

Internet Accountability

I am looking to you, Internet, to be my support group and accountability crew.

I will lose, and keep off, 3 pounds in the next two weeks. By February 07 I expect you to check in and make sure that I have lost the weight.

That is a small, manageable chunk, yes?

Only three pounds. (What is that metric? 8 stone or something? Do I have to convert kilos by pi? I expect you metric folks to do that conversion on your own too.)

I am holding myself to the requirement that I work out 6 times in the next two weeks. That is a small, wonderful number. I will also be going to strength rehab 6 times in that two week period as well but that won't count as the workouts.

My theory is this: The grand total of the weight I want to lose is daunting so I have decided instead to break it into manageable chunks. I can do anything for two weeks and I can certainly manage to lose 3 pounds. I'm actually very excited and relieved about this. 3 pounds is not a number that freaks me out.

However, this also means that YOU, yes YOU Internet are along for the ride and I fully expect you to be the support that my conscience needs to get this going. Plus if I am accountable to people that I actually care about (and I care about you Internet) my chances of success are even that much higher.

So come on! Comment or email and show your support! I know that at least three of you still read! I expect to hear from Andy, Ashley and of course Sally. Hearing from The CEO or Hollowsquirrel would be nice too but after a nearly 9 month absence from regular blogging I don't expect to get you guys back right away. Maybe if I blog regularly for awhile again I will start seeing everyone again.

I have an apple or orange to eat now so I'll catch you later. Certainly before February 07.


Anonymous said...

Oh have some faith, girl. You've been on my Google Reader for months. I've let lots go and rarely add someone new, but I'd NEVER get rid of you. EVER. I knew you'd be back.

I'm here for you. As much as I can't lose the extra pounds, I can trash talk a good weight loss game. DROP THE DONUT.

sallyacious said...

You can do this. And making your goal 10% is a really smart thing to do. I'll join you.

The CEO said...

It's nice to see you back again. I thought you had met and married Mr. Right and given up on blogging. I'll read the rest of your posts and see what's going on. I'll put you back on my tracking system so I'll know when you publish.

I'm so busy I only write about once a week now. I may not get to you the day you publish, but I'll be back.

Why not post your weight loss and gym attendance every week?

Anonymous said...

Move away from the cheese, it may look nice but it's bitch to get off your thighs.

3 pounds is 1.360 kilos - you can lose that by doing a big wee...

I think it's an incredibly good idea to break it up like that, and I am going to do the same myself.

Good luck!

chollyson said...

Good luck! Although, I can say with certainty that I will not be checking in on how much weight you've lost but on how you're feeling. Go 2009!