Thursday, January 31, 2008

Another One Bites The Dust

Chocklate is taking it offline yo, offline and underground, fo real.

I feel her pain. I had to take my original blog private because even though I never posted pics of myself I did use my real name and too many people wound up knowing about it. The problem with blogging is that while it is a great outlet and a wonderful social network it is also now almost impossible to be anonymous or enjoy some modicum of privacy. The world is too small these days.

I miss what I like to think of as my "naive" blogging days; when I railed against my hellacious job, insaine co-workers and shared all my insecurities with an unseen world. Now I work at a place where people actually access the internet, and know how to use it, so I can't reference anything that happens on a daily basis anymore. Not that I would be blogging about my job; things are much, much better since I left Shit Company Of Sweet Fucking Hell, but I can't really write about anything else. If I have a dentist appointment I can't write about it because I get super paranoid that the internet whores I work with are all over the web like crazy on Britney and I don't want them to put two and two together. I have to wind up postponing things or not writing about them at all, which, if you followed me from the other blog here you have likely picked up on.

It is too bad to see Chocklate go but I absolutely understand why she has to. The lack of true anonymity on the internet can actually be percieved as a good thing; it causes people to think more about their actions and have some accountability. Still, it would be nice to bitch about how much I want a damn ciggarette or how much I really, really want to make out with a few of my co-workers without being worried that my Grandma and my (super hot) Boss are going to find out about it later.


What are we to do? If you don't have the freedom to blog totally out in the open, like some of the big bloggers, then do you hide behind a fake persona and censor the hell out of yourself? It is a fine line to walk. I know I struggle daily wanting to share stories with you guys and then having to pull back for fear of repercussions, which makes the blog content super lame. Do we all win because we are accountable or do we all lose because we aren't as authentic as we could be?

What do you do?

(Hey, no booze for 5 days so far, yay me)

(Also, still no damn spell check.)


sallyacious said...

You know, that's a line I walk every day. I try really hard to focus on my own story, which makes it hard when the interesting part is the bits of the story that belong to other people.

Someday, I'm going to have to stop posting pictures of my nephew even, which breaks my heart.

But it's a fine line to dance across, and I often find myself wondering whether I've made the right choice. Someday, I fear, despite all my careful efforts to tell only my own story, someone will object, and then I will be fucked. Because it's altogether too easy to figure out who I am. Anonymity was never my goal, and I wonder sometimes whether it should have been. I only hope it doesn't cost me one of the things I love. )(But I suspect it will.)

alyndabear said...

It's so sad seeing people unable to walk that line, and I can totally understand. There are always going to be things I can't say, because I KNOW certain people are reading ... but that's just the way it goes, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I tried to comment here before, but it got eaten! Aaahh someone cared enough to write about me! Wowie! Well I am back, anon style and we shall See what happens. You have the new address, right? Cheers!