Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day three booze detox

WHEN I make it through tonight I will have gone a whopping three days without drinking wonderful, delicious, evil alcohol.

Yay me!

Only 18 days to go. Not that I'm counting or anything. Noooooo.

Thank you for the support. I'm not that good at graphing, or making Quadrants, so I'm not sure how well I'll document it but I'll try. Let's pretend that currently I weigh 100 lbs (I do weight this, plus some, but it is a nice round number) and that my waste is elevently million fat fatty inches around, I mean, 10 inches around. In 18 more days I'll tell you the pounds and inches I hopefully lost (you damn foreigners will have to do the conversion to your heathen measuring systems yourself).

With supportive folks like The CEO and Sallyacious I should do just fine. Of course there are totally unsupportive folks like Mr. 24 year old who doesn't know what alcohol does to your metabolism after 25 but it's nice to have him along for the ride too. Skinny jeans here I come! Okay, well, how about less fat jeans? Good? Yes? And then maybe I can try dating again? Not that my curviness is keeping me from dating; more likely the stark lack of men available is doing that, but still, one thing at a time people.

In other news I need to tell you that Raisin Bran is decidedly not a low calorie food. One serving has about 200 calories and I usually eat 4-5 servings in one sitting. Hmmmmm. Glad I noted the box before I ruined my diet. I'm still doing good on food/exercise so I'm watching what I eat.

My something different today? Managing to freaking blog when I got home from the gym as opposed to falling asleep. I'm doing pretty good, 2008 is shaping up to be alright.


alyndabear said...

You're going to make a tired, lonely foreigner convert number... such a lond and arduous task? :( It's a cruel world.


sallyacious said...

When my husband started the diet that led to the 90lb weight loss, he made me crazy for 4 months, weighing every. single. thing. that went into his mouth. But he was trying to get a sense of serving sizes, which are vastly different from what we think they ought to be. It's so frustrating, realizing that two cornflakes, a rasin and 1/2 banana is a "full serving."

You can do this, though. I know you can. Look at everything else you've accomplished so far.

HollowSquirrel said...

Look at you, all sober and stuff. Nice work, my dear! I know you can do it.

So@24 said...

I'm sure you're fiiiiiine.

Cute as a button!