Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The fatness continues...

Yes I keep track of what I eat everyday in a little book.

I count calories, protein, vitamins and carbs.

Currently my biggest downfall appears to be alcohol. The spirits, they are just so delicious when they hit my mouth. And then I drink a bottle of wine.

But even a bottle of wine, or two, a week, on top of a 1300 calorie perfectly balanced diet and major exercise shouldn't make the fatness I currently support. DAMNIT.

If only my boobs would grow with my gut, then maybe I wouldn't mind so much.

What? Superficial? Me? Only when I've had a damn bottle of wine. Like tonight.



Andy said...

You should go surfing. That's a great way to lose weight. So when you come down here we can go surfing and climbing and you can look just like me (except shorter and a bit more blonde).

PS: New Year's resolution becoming successful - I have more than one ab now! Woohoo!!!

Anonymous said...

oooh sweetie. Everyone needs one vice.

One thing I used to do when I had carpeting and needed some "toning" was do leg lifts while watching tv. It was like some weird punishment. NOT that I think you need to, but it made me feel somewhat less guilty for watching so much tv.

Anonymous said...

I think you are gonna have to cut back on the booze. Most alkies, and I am not saying you are one, tend to be either scary skinny, and do NOT use that as motivation, or slightly pudgy to fat.

I am too lazy to go lookup the info, but alcohol is going to slow down your metabolism, and may change how your body goes through carbs.

Mix your carbs with fiber so they are dispersed over time and not in big flashes.

Booze is ok in MODERATION, so a SMALL glas of wine is not a problem, but if you are drinking enough to feel more than moderately buzzed on a regular basis, then you are only building a tolerance and heading down a very scary path.

sallyacious said...

Sooooo frustrating. I share your pain.