Wednesday, January 9, 2008

feh on the resolution thing

2008 will be the year that I do things differently. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. Well guess what, I've only ever really done the same thing. So this year I plan to do things differently. It doesn't have to be the "right" thing, which I so constantly get hung up on, it just has to be the different thing. That is all.

Do I normally just go home and go to bed? Fine, but that day I have to drive home a different way. Or I have to go by a different shop. Or I have to do my dishes before I fall asleep. Something. Anything. It doesn't matter as long as it is different.

Of course as I type this I feel like crapness; something is setting up shop in my respitory system so I can't do much of anything different tonight. I wanted to hit the gym or do a tape but now my bed is calling. Maybe I'll actually wash my face before I pass out, that would be different.

So any suggestions? Should I shed these last 15 lbs and become a cage dancer? Make out with my co-worker even though it is career suicide? Read a new book every week? Make plans for a big vacation? What should I do different? It can be big or small and I promise I will make every effort to do it. After all, you guys are like my best (imaginary internet) friends and I really do value your input. Plus I want to entertain you.

Damn sinuses. To bed with me now.


sallyacious said...

Different is a fantastic choice. Even making small changes, like going home by a new route can give you new perspective.

Much longer email about this same thing forthcoming.

SBMaya said...

I say: make out with the coworker, but keep it secret. Who cares about 15 pounds, take the long way home... And for petes sake, will you try and come down on a road trip? I think you'd have a great time!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a huge, long comment with activities for you to do in your city (one per month), and then I remembered that you're trying to be more anonymous, so telling people where you are probably isn't the best idea.

Taking a road trip to SBMaya is definitely in order!!

alyndabear said...

I'd be doing the travelling. Best way to do things differently is to jump out of your comfort zone!