Wednesday, January 30, 2008

17 days to go

Provided, of course, that I make it through tonight. Which I will. I WILL make it through tonight.

I'll be fine. I have coffee with some ladies tonight, a few new books to read and plenty of cleaning to do around my apartment so I won't even think of the case of wine I have in my apartment or the vodka in my freezer or the bars down the street.

Instead I'll think about how great it feels to wake up without a hangover and how nice it is not to send stupid drunk texts and I'll daydream about the great new pair of jeans I'll find when I'm down five pounds.

Only 17 days of no alcohol to a healthier me. Not that I plan to slam tequilla shots the second my three weeks booze free is up, so no worries. It's just the way life sometimes is; someone tells you you can't have something so naturally that is the only thing you want. It's like when I decide no more deep fried cheese dipped in ranch dressing, it is all I can think about for days when I normally only think about it in passing.

Well, I'm off to coffee. Be good for me, or if not, share your stories of bad with the internet, we love that kind of stuff.

(Also,b blogger spellcheck has crapped out so if there are glaring errors please wait until I can fix them tomorrow)


Anonymous said...

YAY for you. Coffee with friends is a much better option. Look at you all being social and such. If I were on the upswing of the hormonal tidal wave, I'd probably shed a tear.

Seriously, not waking up with a hangover is a good prevention option. Blech-- those can ruin an otherwise tolerable workday.

Andy said...

I'm going to go on one of those detox diets for two weeks soon. That should be interesting. No drinking for two weeks. Though I've been cutting it down a bit lately.

I'm very proud, and I know every other commenter/lurker is too, of you for staying with it. While I know you look amazing I'm excited for you to start agreeing.

Anonymous said...

Don't look upon not drinking as "I can't drink alcohol". Try and see it in more of a "I could drink, but right now, I am not going to because I want to become more healthy". It does help to alter your perception. "Can't" seems to foster more rebellion and irritation about constraints.