Thursday, March 26, 2009

Checking In

This week my computer bit the dust when I got some kind of virus in it. Luckily, being a computer tech (read: having access to Google) I reformatted the thing and it seems good as new. I'm scared to surf around the evil Internet now, though, because I'm not sure how I got the virus in the first place, and because it took EIGHT hours to reformat this baby. Older model laptop + Dell + out of date everything makes for a non easy job.

Speaking of jobs I still have one through July 1. Work has been just about as fun as you would imagine any crappy situation to be: Those not getting laid off are getting pushed into lower positions or forced to take substantially less pay, those that are getting laid off are heartless zombie drones that can hardly make it through the day. I'm only half joking when I say I hope one of my co-workers doesn't wind up going on a shooting spree. I work with much redneck or ex-military folk, there be a great many guns between the lot of them.

I've managed to go from XX8 to XX4 since last Friday and I'm doing my best. I overdid the workouts a bit and couldn't walk all day today for the pain in my shins and the blisters on my feet, so today is a day off. I'm also doing better with food. I want to be at XX0 by the start of next week, I'm just not sure how that will happen, so let's say I will be at XX0 by April 4th. That is a decent goal, I think. I mean, this is real weight I'm dealing with here but not real, real weight, right? This is weight I packed on the week I found out I was both losing my job and almost kicked out of my apartment (neither of which are my fault, thankfully, but still). Which means this isn't cheesecake from the 90s, which has settled in and created a home in my thighs, this is free floating weight that hasn't had time to put down stakes or start a family. I hope.

I don't know if I ever updated but the bank will let me stay in my apartment until the lease is up in July. Whew! Three months to find a new place is far more manageable than 48 hours. Of course, finding a new place will be awesome when I'm borderline unemployed and penniless. But that bridge? I shall scale when I get there.

Seems like all I can do is update lately, but work really is taking a huge emotional toll and working out saps up what little energy I might have had left. But know this: You guys are still some of the best friends I have in the world. Thank you.


sallyacious said...

If things are bad at your job, I wonder what the conditions are like back at the old place. I mean, they lost you and then the world collapsed. They can't be faring much better.

You do what you need to do. You don't have to be entertaining every time you post, you know. Those of us who "know" you care about how you're doing, and the two things you're currently facing are very big deals indeed.

My verifier is "vivity." That's not a real word, but I like it. I think it should be.

Andy said...

I've been lurking, as per usual, but haven't left a comment in a while. Probably has to do with not knowing what to say in response to so many crap things all at once that are far beyond the control of any of us.

I have no suggestions, no advice, nothing. Move into car and forever stay, like I have? Probably not. So lame!

But, congratulations on losing weight. Though I must say every time I come visit you look stunning.

The CEO said...

The best I have for you is that it's all attitude. If you can, laugh in the face of adversity. You'll feel better. Good work on the weight loss! Proud of you!!!!

alyndabear said...

Love, you are doing so well with your working out. I feel incredibly slack, and I need to get back into it again. Keep your chin up. You're an inspiration!

So@24 said...

You're still here?? Whoa. You blew my blogging world.

Eris said...

Sally: Old job people are miserable too. The CEO is a jackass who took his bonus this year but gave them a paycut and yet they are still going to have to close a branch (the one I worked my fingers bloddy getting running)

Andy: I, and many others probably, shall be looking to you for car living advice fairly soon :) You better get to posting more!

CEO: Luckily I'm too tired to really damage myself with a bad attitude

Alynda: I'm waiting for your visa in bated breath, thank you for stopping by!

So@24: I'm in, I'm out. I go where the wind takes me. Which, right now, is probably to bed.