Thursday, March 19, 2009


First off, Happy Birthday Isabel's King:

Sorry I can't post a real pic of me. Keeping it on the down low, ya know.

To catch you up:

I'm still fat. Actually, I'm fatter. Being Jobless and homeless does not wear well with me. If I had, oh, say, any coping skills at all I wouldn't be shovelling goddamn food in my face like a fat kid at candyland but I'm working on it. I've done better this week and will be back on track by next. Unless an anvil falls on my car or something. Then? It is on. On like being unable to button any of my shirts.

My face is actually healing up fairly well. It is no longer oozing and bloody, it is healed over, but the size is still bigger than the original mole. It is a big pink spot right now, and it itches like all out, but I can't really touch it. I just rub Mederma into it a few times a day and cross my fingers.

Meeting the Parents was fairly painless. His mother was cold and non-talkative, as he said she had been his whole life. My mother was hopped up on OTC and prescription meds but luckily recovering from a cold so she couldn't say much: SCORE! Now I just need to figure out what the heck I'm doing. When he's here I adore him, can't live without him, want to see him every minute of every day. When I'm alone I love it, want to curl up with a book or do laundry and take long showers and not worry about taking up all the hot water. My stupid self can't make its mind up: Do we want to marry him and entwine in wedded bliss or do we want to remain independently dating with our own space? I don't know, but it is coming up close on a year and by this point I need to figure out if I'm happy or if I'm wasting my time.

Anything I'm missing?


Anonymous said...

WOW meet the parents. Glad it was painless. I'm not sure what to advise you on marriage. If he supports your alone time and gives you space now, he'll support you when you're married. If he doesn't get why you need/enjoy personal time now, he likely won't support it when you're married. But he sounds like someone who supports Independent Eris. :)

The CEO said...

I have no intelligent comment, but I'd like the puppy to fly.

sallyacious said...

Warning: Assvice Ahead. (But only because you requested it.)

I think you should stop worrying about where your relationship is going. If it makes you happy the way it is, that is the best any of us can hope for.

Let your relationship be what it is and don't worry about making it anything else. If it doesn't make you happy, then fix it or end it. If it makes you happy now but that changes later, try to figure out what went wrong and decide then whether it's still what you want.

Don't buy into the whole "You must be married to be successful and happy" thing. That's one of those stupid ideas society forces on us.