Monday, February 2, 2009

I'll just...naaa

Just ranting, nothing to see here, move along. Come back in a few days when I post something substantial.

I'm tapped people. I'm tapped and I need a nap. Or Twelve. Work is a bitch right now (for those of us lucky enough to have jobs they are bad but I can't even begin to pray and hope enough for the unemployed), my apartment needs a good deep cleaning (plus whereas my holiday decorations made it down in a timely manner the boxes are still in my living room) my car is filthy both inside and out, I am in desperate need of a major shopping trip (light bulbs have burned out all over this place and all I have left to eat are uncooked lentils and, um, alka seltzer), I'm not fitting in the workouts I would like, I haven't seen my immediate family in 6 weeks and I need to go see my grandfather like yesterday. My sheets need to be changed. I need to figure out why, even though I don't leave out rotting garbage and I dump bleach in my sink drain daily my place still smells sour when I get home. I need to dust. I only managed to steam half my carpet the other weekend and I need to do the rest. My closet needs to be cleaned out. My CD player has been broken for months and since there is no way I can afford a new one I need to dismantle it and see if I can fix it, or, more likely, render it fully useless so I feel accomplished. The stuffing is coming out of the bottom of a chair I need to fix. I have filing to do. There are stacks of papers and books and odds and ends all over my desk that need attending to. I got four new to me books to read. I'm SINGLE people. I don't have pets. I don't have children. And I STILL can't keep on top of things. Plus, I was social no less that THREE times last week, not even including time with my boyfriend. At this point I don't quite know how to explain to the boyfriend that yes, I adore him, but sweet jebus, I need to hide and hide now. I think I've mentioned before that I hope he takes a week long work trip so I can have guilt free time to myself again. I have to shower, brush my teeth, do my hair, dress myself, eat, drive to work, be productive and functional like everyday. When does it stop?



sallyacious said...

It doesn't.


I mean, in my experience it just doesn't stop. Ever.

You can slow it down, though. But this requires picking and choosing the things you're going to actually do and letting the other stuff just go by the wayside.

For instance. Here? Our Christmas tree is still standing proudly in front of the living room window. The empty ornament storage boxes are also in the living room. And have been since New Year's Day. It has obviously not been a priority.

Andy said...

You're back to blogging!!!

I missed your writing and I owe you a phone call. I've been busy with 16 hour workdays and my newfound love: ultra marathons.

You sound crazy and bit on edge.