Sunday, February 15, 2009

Stupid Freaking Idiot BAHBAHBAH

Today is my hide day yet I need an outlet and no one is answering their phone. Perhaps they are all nursing hangovers of love from yesterday and are resting? Hmmm? I was having a perfectly lovely day, staying in, napping, hiding, recouperating for the week ahead and then got the crappy news that my younger sibling had run away. Again.

Fun Fun.

I am sure they are okay and I know where they went but the weather they left in yesterday, with unreliable teenaged idiot drivers, is a hellacious mess. And the unreliable little bastard said they'd call when they got to their destination and they didn't. So it falls on me to try to track them down even though their cell phone is off.

I know said person is okay, I also know said person is a freaking idiot prone to intense whims on teenaged angst ridden stupidity which makes knowing that they are okay just that much harder. I wish I could be laid back and relaxed about this but instead I'm tense and freaking out and very, very upset. My younger sibling went to a place about a 10 hour drive from my parent's house and is probably doing things underaged people shouldn't be doing right about now and I swear to gob if they wind up getting hurt I will hit the roof.

So how is your relaxing Sunday evening? Since every single person on earth is currently unreachable and leaving me to fester in my craziness?


02/16 Edit
Got ahold of bastard at midnight last night, turns out they also stole I mean borrowed the family car to do this. They are alive but all is not well. eat and eat and eat myself into a coma. BAH


sallyacious said...


On the other hand, if you know they're okay, why are you worrying so much about them? I mean, we all do stupid things occasionally, and teenagers are kings of that sort of thing. Unless, of course, you compare them to me in my twenties when stupidity was the rule, rather than the exception. Bad choices were my specialty.

Here's the thing. You can't take responsibility for this child's bad decisions on yourself. You have nothing to do with them, and they may just need to learn things the hard way. Which sucks for you and for them, but that may just be what needs to happen.

Anyway, if you know where they are, and you know they're probably okay, you can probably relax. Especially if you know they're probably coming back. At least you know that particular kid trusts you, despite the running away.

The CEO said...

There's no sense in always repeating what Sallyacious says, because she' right.

I'd be more proud of the fact that you wrote about your decire to overeat to cover your anxiety, and hopefully didn't. rink a lot of water instead. Drink water until you're full. I don't care if you have to run to the bathroom. It beats feeding the anxiety with food. Beat that habit.

Eris said...

Sally: Seriously, you said exactly the right thing. Thank you. I printed it out and have been carrying it in my purse. Thank you thank you thank you.

CEO: I haven't over-eatten once yet. I had some champagne last night with my sweet boyfriend (who does not understand family ties because he has virtually none ergo he has learned to be quietly supportive as best he can) but that is it on upping my calorie intake. yay!