Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Silver lining comes tinged with BAH

Today at work it was announced that we're taking a pay cut effective yesterday.

I can't really afford said pay cut but at least I have a job, yay!

At least I have a job until the end of June, after that there will be heavy layoffs. Even through June isn't guaranteed.

I no longer have any TV channels because of that digital change over dealy, which doesn't bother me too much, but it still sucked to come home to a TV of fuzz.

I thought by now I would have saved enough to maybe get a good TV set (mine is a twee hand me down) to avoid losing my signal in the digital transition but in light of current economic times it is best if I keep my money under my mattress.

My family is still in upheaval.

But I exercised this morning before work :)

So to recap: family is in shambles, I am making less money in a job I am likely going to lose fairly soon and I don't have Simpson's reruns to comfort me.

But I'm making progress on my two week weight loss goal. And hell, when I'm living in a cardboard box by the river in a few months just THINK of how much weight I'll lose! Dysentery and TB totally give you that sexy runway model look.



Anonymous said...

Sorry for the paycut, hon. That blows, and yes, I realize, too, that hell, at least you have your job. Hang tight and know I'm cheering you on with the weight loss and everything!!

The CEO said...

Call your U.S. Govt at 888-388-2009 and you can get coupons for both the $40 and $80 digital converters, the first being regular and the second being HD. Attach your attenae to the converter and you can get the network channels again.

And now you have a 4 month headstart on finding a new job in the event you're laid off. No wonder you're in such a good mood.

Why do you use word verification? Oh, and I put up a post about three posts ago with the kitten featured in it for you.