Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm still here, even if my internet isn't

You know what rocks?

The fact that I am a pretty high level IT person and I can't get my own damn home internet to work.

Yup, it rocks.

It proves that the "professionals", regardless the field, likely have little to no clue what is going on and probably got a liberal arts degree that will only serve to keep the person in perpetual student loan debt until death.

So I'm sitting the corner of my bedroom, huddled against the wall on the floor because I can't move the network cable for the internet or else it will inexplicably die. I probably have to buy a new network cable. Or it has something to do with the magnetic fields sent out by the sun, but really, who understands the mysteries of non working internet? No one. And those who do are liars. Dirty, dirty liars.

I'm glad I at least got it to work enough to post this becuase I am leaving town for four days and didn't want to go even longer between posts. I am going on an extended girls weekend in a fab city. Naturally this means that one of the girls is acting super flaky and weird and started dating a really, super creepy married guy. AWESOME. The other girl has some kind of viral doom plague and can't talk without launching into a crippling coughing fit. Why, why, oh why does everything I attempt to do have to be such trouble? Did I steal money from the blind in a previous life? Kick puppies? Do you think it is my gaping head wound?

My wrists are killing me and I'm cold so I'm going to post this while I can. Take care y'all!


The CEO said...

You can't run a network cable over florescent tubes. Other than that, you might have broken shielding in the cable if moving it causes a problem.

I have no valid advice for you on women, sorry.

sallyacious said...

Well have a lovely weekend. With a start like this you'll be lucky if the city of your choice is still standing when you get there.

Given the terms you use to describe it, you're obviously not coming here.

The CEO said...

I thought I posted this the other day. Check your cable for broken shielding, and make sure it isn't going over something emitting RF that could interfer.

sallyacious said...

So was it fun?