Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do these extra 25 pounds make me look fat?

The fashion show is in April.

I will be wearing lingerie and perhaps a spring dress or two (you know, the ones they cut up and glue sequins and shit to because they are "designers").

It is for charity.

Last year I helped put it together and run it.

This year I am modeling.

Because I am not getting any younger.

Or any fucking thinner(arrrg! and fuck!).

And it is something different.

Does this clear up any questions? Yes? No?

Now if you need me I'll be walking about in 6 inch (no joke!) lucite platforms and trying in hold my gut in while I clean my apartment.

No booze and still going strong :)


sallyacious said...

As a person who has had to wear all sorts of shoes for a living, may I say that the very best way to wear very high heels is to tighten your transversus? Also known as your core. You won't wobble, you'll have a sexy little wiggle to your walk, and it also has the benefit of pulling in that lower belly (if you have one).

Here's a pic:

Anonymous said...

Geeez, why don't you get all bitter about it. We just needed some clarification since you just dropped this scantily clad bomb on us.

Hmpf. Will it be telecast or available on YouTube?!?!

chollyson said...

You are making me laugh so hard right now.

Except stop being so rude to yourself. The Internet doesn't like it.

Hi. :)

So@24 said...

That's my girl!

(Im trying to be supportive)

alyndabear said...

I LOVE that you are going to be modelling. That makes you my hero. :)

Do you have a signature walk like the girls of ANTM?