Sunday, July 11, 2010

Because being sick has made me shallow

Still not writing about the sick (you know, the one that NEVER DIES) or the secondary infections I've picked up that I cannot shake (ouch, fuck, what the hell? shoot me) or the 15 pounds I've picked up during said time. Not writing about that at all.

Instead, a poll. What color should I paint my nails? I own literally every color of polish yet ironically hate the feeling of polish on my nails and never use it. But after two months of doing pretty much nothing my nails are super long and lovely and begging for me to ruin them with polish. So. What do you say?


Screw my boring nails and check out this site I just found, holy cow: The Daily Nail. Now THAT is some nail painting people.

Also, the next time I decide to eat black licorice, oreos, hostess cakes and a half gallon of milk for dinner please beat me with something heavy. I don't care if I've been sick for two GD months, that doesn't make me RETARDED. GAH.


Anonymous said...

I prefer plum-colored polish. Have anything with plum in the name? :) Hope it gives you a boost!

Breathe Gently said...

I'm boring and own three nailpolishes. They're all pale pink. I don't really bother.

Having just come down with something horrendous, I'm jumping on the sick bandwagon.

Sallyacious said...

I'm sorry you're still struggling with the sick. I wish you weren't. You really deserve a year (or ten) of absolutely no stress whatsoever after this. You really do.

As far as nail polish goes, you can now get STICKERS to put on your toeses after painting them all purty. Believe you me, I shelled out for those suckers. Because who doesn't want to bedazzle their piggies? That's right, some of the stickers have little teesy RHINESTONES. How much more girly could one get?