Friday, December 18, 2009


I’m cleared to go back to my regular tasks on “light duty” which means no bending, lifting, crawling, or twisting. Essentially I get to sit at a desk, all alone, in a virtually empty office at a different location and take care of light duty work requests as they come in.

I like being alone but I fear I will fall asleep if I don’t have some stimulation. I can guarantee that I will fall asleep if I take any of the meds I have for pain or muscle spasm so unfortunately I can’t take anything to take the edge off the pain. Tylenol is like spitting into a lake, it doesn’t make even a smidge of a noticeable difference, and I can’t take ibuprofen due to a previously ruptured ulcer.

So I sit.

And hurt.

Alone under fluorescent lights.

My life is not quite what I’d imagined it would be.

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Sallyacious said...

There's a lot of poetry in this post.

It also reminds me of a short story, but I can't remember the title, the author or, frankly, the plot. It's just the general air of the image that's similar, I think.

Or maybe it's also that it feels a bit like a play by Samuel Beckett.