Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Part Three: Time

Part three in my seven part series: “Things I’ve Learned About Hosting a Holiday Get Together”.


If you say 6 people will show up at 7. I used to be very, very upset sitting alone in my apartment at 6:45, insulted that even people who swore they would show up early to help are now not answering their phone and convinced that no one would show up at all. Now I understand that 6 means 7, but only if everything is ready and warm at 6. If I plan to start putting things out at 6:30 and still have curlers in my hair then 6 means 5:45.

I’m not being funny here, this is seriously true.

Imagine me, hair a-curler-ed up, wearing my sweater and spanx and nothing else, applying liquid eyeliner when my first guest arrived. At 5:45. Awesome.


Sallyacious said...

Oh. God. That's a party thrower's nightmare.

Anonymous said...

And it wasn't your boyfriend? Shit.