Sunday, December 27, 2009

Part Two: Beverages

Part two in my seven part series: “Things I’ve Learned About Hosting a Holiday Get Together”.

See part one below.


As you get older people already know what they want to drink. This isn’t a dorm party where people are just happy that you have booze. In many cases guests will bring what they want to drink even after you tell them that you will have a bartending college equivalent of beverages, mixers, and booze. So don’t bother.

Stick to one universal booze that you already like or can re-gift if it doesn’t get opened, like rum, have several bottles of cheap wine, and a couple six packs of non-offensive beer on hand. A soft drink or two is fine, but water or ice tea will suffice. You need not buy the following:

Diet Coke
Sprite Zero
Ginger Ale
Tonic Water
Cranberry Juice
Orange Juice
20 pound bag of ice
Bailey’s Irish cream
White Rum
Dark Rum
Spiced Rum
Fancy Vodka
Cheap Vodka
Cocktail olives
Pre-made Mojitos
Bottled water
10 bottles Red Wine
5 bottles White Wine

Because this is what will be consumed by 11 guests (excluding me and my boyfriend): 1 bottle red wine, 2 diets cokes, 3 waters. Everyone else actually shows up and brings their own drinks. WTF? If I asked them to bring their own drinks they would show up with handfuls of hay and perplexed looks on their faces (see food). Many of these people have been to my home numerous times before, I have never not had drinks to offer them, so when did stockpiling your own beverages become the thing to do?

One guy brought a mini cooler with his own (cheap) brand of beer. Another guy brought himself a full size sparkling pomegranate beverage and drank the whole thing himself. I understood the guest who brought his own Whiskey because you can see from the list above that that is one of the few things I did not buy but even he refused ice, and just sipped it warm from a glass. I HAVE NO IDEA what the heck this turn of events is about. Is this normal? Is this what late 20s early 30s people do now? Because I need to know before I even attempt to have another party.


Sallyacious said...

Wow. It does kind of sound like your friends haven't really left the college party mindset yet. Because that's what you do in college, bring whatever you're going to drink and keep a tight hold on it.

Maybe this is regional, but everywhere I've ever lived/thrown parties, you bring beer or wine (or pop), the hosts also provide beer or wine (or pop), and then you just have whatever looks most appealing from the beer cooler or the open wine bottles.

You should throw some more parties to study this phenomenon. You could apply for grants, possibly cover at least party expenses that way.

Anonymous said...

Wow, yours truly is a study in bizarre guest behavior. I look forward to reading more of your observations.