Monday, April 27, 2009

Every stupid ounce of energy I have is being spent trying to find a place to live, a means of income for my impending unemployment, trying not to break down and eat all the damn food I can get my hands on and chasing gobdamn pigeons off my deck. I'm kinda...close to snapping. My family is a mess, one of my friends is being a superbitch and disowned me (not just me, everyone, so I feel better?), my relationship DRIVES ME INSANE and renders me pathetically unstable/needy/wanting/momentarily happy/totally confused and my neck injury is flaring up BAD BAD BAD.

am nuts right now people. am nuts and 27 and in debt and have NOTHING to show for my nearly three decades on this planet other than crappy furnature that I found on the side of the road and a useless job and


must attempt sleep now.


sallyacious said...



But you have this blog.

That's not enough for you?

(Lame attempt at humor. I hope the venting helped. I really can't even begin to imagine how frustrating/scary things must be for you right now.)

The CEO said...

If you haven't taken tai chi yet, look up meditation on the internets. I gather you didn't like the air horn idea for the pidgeons?

As for the boyfriend, I have a new attitude. Don't simply settle for a relationship, be in one you thrive in. That's how I'm feeling today.