Friday, June 4, 2010

Still. Sick.

Help. Me.

Having reached the end of my rope and being too damned sick to make a cute reference about hanging myself with it or something I have this to say: When I am better I will find a new primary care doctor so help me Gob even if I only see them once before I hypothetically move. WebMD is surprisingly useful and instead of scaring me (like the internet did when I googled sinus infections that never die and sweet jebus the things that came up) it gave me great information and hope. Hope as in: I probably have acute sinusitis which will likely last another couple of weeks and there are treatments (ever hear of nasal irrigation? No? Don't watch the tutorial) that may help, you know, once I have the strength to attempt them.

After two weeks of this, using up all my sick time at work and now I'm using up my precious little vacation time, it was nice of WebMD to at least give me an idea that there is possibly and end in sight. In another 2-3 weeks. Which, FINE, F it, ruin my summer see if I care.

The antibiotics have cleared up the ear infections, mostly, so that is good. Nasal steroids are fucking evil and made me worse, so look for me to post pictures of their untimely death in fire when I get well.

In between med doses I've been surfing the net and there are damn pictures for the new Kutcher/Heigl movie "Killers" freaking everywhere. Now, I love me some Go Fug Yourself amongst other gossip sites but I am sorely disappointed that not one, ONE, place has mentioned the ghastliness of Katherine's hair in the movie:

The movie looks awful. But her hair? WTF? It's like a bad, never-married, older aunt hair cut from the 70s. Who the hell decided that was the look to give their leading lady? Clearly I am not a gossip columnist nor a qualified internet judge of such things with my own spiffy website but something is wrong people. Something is UP. I think the makers of this wretched movie paid the interwebs off so that no one would make fun of Heigl's hair. I can ignore the bad photo shop, the doofy dress, the awful movie premise, and even my concern that Hollywood apparently thinks movie goers are drooling idiots since they can hardly manage to throw us a decent bone every once in awhile but THE HAIR IS UNACCEPTABLE. Google around for more photos of it, I can't take anymore.

There. I've gotten it out there. Now maybe the universe will reward my good deed (hopefully saving hundreds of clueless women from trying to emulate said hairstyle) AND MAKE ME BETTER ALREADY. I'm not equipped for a life as a shut in. I don't even have cable TV and I don't hoard stuff.

I can't have booze on these meds, so, how safe is it to mix my old prescription pain meds and muscle relaxers with NyQuil? Anyone? I just want to sleep the rest of this away...

j/k of course. I know NyQuil has alcohol in it. When I'm better I wholly intend to mix a bottle with champagne and guzzle it, but until then, I'm up a creek.

At least my hair isn't retarded.


HollowSquirrel said...

My comment just got eaten, maybe by katherine heigl's hair. i'm not sure.

Um, scroll down to her feet. I'm creeped out by the toes coming out of those shoes. Is it me? Aren't they creepy? jesus.

Breathe Gently said...

Yeah. It's bad hair. And it's saying something, because she is so gorgeous and can pull off most hair but THAT is tragic hair. And you're right Mrs Squirrel, those are some weird toes. Maybe her shiny shoes ate her hair product.

Sallyacious said...

I'm so sorry you've been so sick. I hope you're feeling better now.