Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I've been sick for days upon days now ***now with less crazy update

And it really isn't doing anything for my mental well being.

I'm out of sick time at work.

I still had to call in today. AGAIN.

I fucking hate hate hate hate the stupid jackass motherfucker piece of crap asshole doctor creep I had to drag myself to see at urgent care yesterday SO MUCH that I'm writing a goddamn letter to urgent care, and emailing them, and calling their customer service. BULAJDFKLJALIEWUFJLEKDHFLKAJLTFIEJL Ahem. Still ANGRY.

It doesn't help that I've felt like hell for much over a week and see no end in sight and lost the memorial day three day weekend to being bed ridden. It really, really isn't helping my mood any. Sorry. I need to vent a bit and don't know how to get all the crap out without bumming the mood out, ya know?

I called my primary care doc who couldn't freaking see me for at least a week, necessitating the trip to urgent care which cost money I didn't have for NOTHING, begging her to please for the love of god just call in some goddamn antibiotics to my pharmacy already, I'm dying here. I really shouldn't take antibiotics since I'm allergic to most of them and there are a select few left I can take but I literally can't afford, both financially and mentally, to be sick any longer.

I updated the side bar, removed links to blogs that straight up disappeared (Chollyson? You okay out there?) and bloggers who totally stopped updating even longer than I have (CEO, SexedHigherED, people I miss). So the new sidebar at least has active links to blogs I read and love. If you know of any good ones pass them my way.

Was getting spam comments had to turn on comment moderation.

That is the last of my productive energy. If I keep typing it will just be more FUCKFUCKGODDAMNFUCKHATEAUGHGHGHGHHGHGHGHGHG and we don't need that.

No news on moving yet. No idea. I don't know. Make the sick stop please.

***Things that help when you are on the verge of mental collapse: crying your eyes out in your hallway, thus exacerbating your sinus infection but also clearing you out just enough to call the fucktards at Urgent Care, ripping them new ones (seriously, didn't know I had that in me), demanding the right meds, leaving an angry message with your flake of a primary care doc, dragging your disgusting un-showered self to the pharmacy (I haven't been able to smell for 11ish days but I'm sure I didn't smell great), grabbing new semi dangerous antibiotics and super steroids, drag self home, pound meds, pass out. Far less crazy now. Fingers crossed that this works and I'm at least able to make it to work Thursday and Friday.

Also, note to self, figure out how to harbor the awesome angry yet rational skills that I demonstrated on phone today for future use.



Breathe Gently said...

Sorry to hear about the sick. That is HORRID. And I hate doctors in general, so bleh. Not good. I hope you get a bit of a break soon. LAME.

Am happy to be on the snazzy and updated list. Go me!

Anonymous said...

OH wish I could have heard the full-blown rant to the Urgent Care clinic. Sorry you had to do it though! Here's hoping the meds work yesternow.

Anonymous said...

OH wish I could have heard the full-blown rant to the Urgent Care clinic. Sorry you had to do it though! Here's hoping the meds work yesternow.