Monday, June 14, 2010

People are RETARDED

And the internet just encourages them. I'm googling NyQuil and I come across this: "can you take NyQuil on heroin?". Really?


You have a cold and heroin just ain't cutting it?

Or is heroin just not providing the high you'd hoped for so you're gonna freebase NyQuil?

Jebus fucktards. When is natural selection gonna kick in already? Or has it? What if evolution is actually working BACKWARD to wipe our retarded race out? Because really? If you're on HEROIN the least of your worries is weather it is SAFE to take NyQuil with it.



Chris said...

OMGosh, are you kidding me?

Breathe Gently said...

They're stupid enough to be on heroin, but SAFE enough to check that it might react with cold and flu meds? Seriously. That is lame.