Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Legally Prohibited From Being On Television Tour!!!!!

Conan O'Brien is bringing his show to the stage with "The Legally Prohibited From Being On Television Tour"

Google it and get tickets!

I am totally amazed that his tour is making it near me so I just bought tickets. They were almost sold out in my area so hurry up!

In blog related news I just noticed that this blog now officially has more posts than my original super popular blog had. For those of you who don't know I had a non-anonymous-ish blog around 2006 that was fairly popular as far as the interweb goes. I had way more readers and that is how I met and made some of the best internet friends ever. I also got attention from local papers and had pretty steady traffic. However, being non-anonymous became a major hassle so I had to do away with it and here, in my very quiet corner of the web, I'm actually pretty happy. It's just funny to look back and see that this much less popular blog (and less updated, less well written, well, less all around) had now surpassed its predecessor in posts.

Now, go see Conan!


Sallyacious said...

If I was going to be in your area, I'd go see YOU. Just so you know, oh internet friend who connected with me just before you became super-popular and famous and stuff.

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