Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Odds and Ends and what the Hell was Sandra/her sytlist/your mom thinking?

So, just sitting here waiting for a user to call me back so I can knock out a few of the 15 plus work tickets I have to complete in the next…four days. Yeah. That’ll happen.

I hated Sandra Bullock’s dress choice at the Oscars. There. I said it. I may be the only person on the planet but I abhor it with the heat of a thousand hot burning suns and said hatred is only eclipsed by my absolute revulsion at the lipstick color she chose. WHY? WHO WEARS PINK LIPSTICK…EVER? Ugh. Not that I saw the Oscars, mind you, but I have seen pictures of the dresses and every caption I’ve read about Sandra so far has been “fabulous!”, “luminous!”, “radiant!” and not one said anything to the effect of: She is wearing a hideous metallic lame’ mess which looks reminiscent of the dresses the Barbie knock off dolls had to wear in the 80s and sweet jebus who the hell gave her that lipstick color? WHO? Oh the agony.

And that is that.

I’ve got bits of blogs floating about but I’ll be totally honest here: They ain’t pretty. Either I’m trying to write for an audience (which is the kiss of death for blogs, as far as I’m concerned, because they should be personal) or I’m trying to write for me, which doesn’t work, because I don’t have to clarify things for myself and ergo a regular reader would be lost. So I go around and around alternately filling in too much back story and information or putting none in at all, and then ranting, and using the F word as person, place, thing, action, verb, everything, and it is all a hot mess.

A quick idea of what I’m trying to eloquently express or discuss and failing miserably at:

A certain very popular book that I was quite looking forward to getting that has been all over the blogosphere wound up inspiring much rage on my behalf. I wish the author no ill will and think they are perfectly lovely but REALLY? The book irks me in every viable way. It should, perhaps, be taken more as a memoir than any kind of research project or informational item, and as such the book is then entirely dull and useless to me. You have no idea what I am rambling about and that is fine.

I’ve read two other books and want to compare and contrast them and give thoughtful and useful responses to both yet somehow every time I try to get into it I write pages and pages of jabber and never get my point across. I feel like I need remedial English (and this from someone with a bachelor’s in the subject) to remind me how to outline and craft essays because I’m getting no where.

The two books are I Can Make You Thin by Paul Mckenna and The Gabriel Method by Jon Gabriel. Both books address the mind body connection in regard to obesity and weight. Both books come with relaxation CDs with guided visualization. In summation, book one: interesting book, new angle on issue yet totally useless if you struggle with emotional eating and the author’s voice on the visualization CD creeps me out greatly. Would love CD if he got someone else with a non date-rape voice to do the recording. Second Book: really resonates with reasons for over-eating, emotional obesity and mental obesity. Must read for anyone who struggles with weight. Hate the stupid new age crap (past lives caused me to be fat!) but the rest fills in where the first book is greatly lacking: the mental and emotional reasons for fat. The CD seems okay so far in as much as the author doesn’t have a gravely porno molester voice (see book one), which helps, big time.

Whew, that summary helped me get some of those thoughts out; hopefully I’ll explore them more later.

On that note it is several hours later and after swapping a bunch of broken equipment out at a location I couldn’t carry all the items at once so I left a broken monitor in the lobby of the building to come back for it. In 5 minutes or less someone had swiped it. Sucks to be them: It was totally broken. Makes me wonder if I should have left the broken scanner behind because I think people would have been less likely to swipe it? People are weird.


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