Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The time draws near when I should have internet access once again. If my laptop repairs work and if my shady neighbors don't steal the modem that is being delivered (FINALLY) today and if there isn't some kind of freak power outtage or something I might, just maybe, have the internet again. Cross your toes people!

I need to take an informal poll in anticipation of said event. What do you use for your home connection to protect your internetness? You know, firewall, virus scan, etc. What works for you, what do you like, and what do you suggest? If it is free or cheap that is also a major bonus. My web company does not offer protection or a security suite so I'm left figuring it out on my own, which is where you, the internets, may be of some assistance.

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sallyacious said...

Windows Live One Care

It's the best thing Dave's found. I don't know if it's cheap, though. I just let him figure that stuff out. If you like, I could put you in touch with him and he can help you figger it out.