Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm just rambling here because apparently, I have forgotten how to compose a concise blog post

The only bummer with the internet is now everyone I want to chat with is offline by the time I get home. Y'all on the east coast need to stay up later. Or something. I could hunt down some west coasters, but then again, the few I do know seem to have lives. I mean, what is up with that?

So. Let's see. The last month. I started my new job and I am fairly happy. At first the transition from being senior management and supreme ruler (albeit totally ignored and not listened to ever) to being a lowly peon threw me for a loop. I had no idea how to take the level of stress down. Now, however, I feel I am adjusting quite nicely to not being in charge and not having every technical problem be blamed entirely on me. It is pretty sweet. Sure, I may sit in a cramped windowless room with three other people all day and I feel that my personal space is being greatly infringed upon but Much! Less! Stress! Seriously. Plus, these people kinda get me. It took years before I even let on my quirky sense of humor to people at the last job; at the new one I'm far more relaxed. Now, naturally there are retarded people and crazy stories to share but I can't: no blogging the new job. I actually care about keeping this one and prefer to not be found out. Sadly I shall have to save those for my memoirs.

My job now presents far less stress which is great! But this also means that the universe is not pleased, and naturally, decides to balance out my life by making things dramatically worse with my family. Fun. But such things shall not bother me right now for I am drinking and blogging for the first time ever! Drinking! And blogging! In my own living room! Hallelujah. As if this post wasn't rambling enough it is only going to get worse, so hold on to your hat.

More updates:


Nothing. Zilch. Remember my rules? No co-workers, associates of my ex or obvious crazies. Guess who are the only people who have offered interest? Guess who are the only people calling? AURGH. It has been months people. 2007 is shaping up to be the year of no dates. Where the hell am I supposed to be meet a nice dentist or something? WHERE? Not that this is a new or novel problem. There are entire magazines and publishing companies that have prospered for centuries based on this concept. I don't need Oprah telling me to dress nice when I go grocery shopping and leave myself open to new encounters. Grocery shopping is meant to be completed with unwashed hair in flannel pajama pants Oprah, don't make me feel all guilty that I'm not open to finding love in Walmart.


Um, already covered it.

Social Life:

I'm trying, still. I like to think that it is getting better but I still get discouraged. I still have a rough time constantly putting myself out there and feeling like I am a total loser because these are supposedly the care free fun times of my life and I am a dismal failure. Case in point: a girl I grew up with is living in New York City and jaunts off every. single. weekend. on fabulous trips around the world. She has designer clothes. She has a posh loft. Her damn parents send her the equivalent of my monthly salary to suppliment her income so DUH that helps, but good lord! I live in a shitty desert town and can hardly afford to pay all my bills every month. Wah Wah Wah pity party for me, I know, because I am truly grateful for what I have, but really, is a few groovy people to hang out with too much to ask? I'm not even looking to move out of my crappy city to some fab location, I just want people to laugh with over beers once or twice a month. Feh, moving on.

I can't remember anything else I need to update you on. It is the liquor. Now then, I am going to sit here and stare at my computer screen in hopes that someone will sign into some messenger program so that I can use the internet I can barely afford for contact with other human beings. Damnit people! Get thee online!


The CEO said...

I'm online. You never call, you never write......

sallyacious said...

...feeling like I am a total loser because these are supposedly the care free fun times of my life and I am a dismal failure.

Oh. But that's not why you're a loser.

I'm sorry. Did I type that out loud?

I'm online, Loser. Of course, I'm an even bigger loser. That's why you don't want to IM with me, isn't it? Plus, I'm old. And everybody knows that's catching

sallyacious said...

Dammit. I meant to tell you how glad I am you're back online. (But in extreme loser-like fashion, I hit submit too soon.) I missed your posts so much while you were gone.

Eris said...

Sally and Ceo: Where do I have to sign up to chat with you? I'm but I'm also on MSN and Yahoo under my real name. I could give it out, but only to you guys, because you are special. And loved.

HollowSquirrel said...

MISSED YOU thank you for the updates. Hope all improves greatly NOW with your family. So glad work is less stressful, but totally bummed you can't "give more" of the office to us. I understand though. I guess. You'll just have to email me the hijinks and shenanigans. Also: dating & friends. They both will happen-- don't push it. After five years off living here, I finally met some women that I didn't have to 'settle' for== we're friends because we get each other. I can't believe it-- but like 3 this summer. Friend jackpot! And obviously, that (sage) advice goes extra bonus alert duh for men, because, well, they're men. What I'm trying to say is, I cannot compose a concise comment to save my life. Good night. And WELCOME BACK!